Refresh, Restart

It has been a while. A year actually. I just finished college. I contemplate whether or not I should pursue law school or just proceed to a life taking and leaving jobs. I am not sure if I can make it alive in law school, but I am considering it only in light of the dearth of opportunities for an AB English graduate such as myself. Either path I take will not change the kind of life I want to pursue, the kind of name that I will make in this world, the contributions I want to offer to advance society. A life of learning and illuminations to chart the path against a future that is becoming more treacherous with each passing day.

Though right now, I am open to failing. I acknowledge that whatever opportunities I pursue, I must pursue them along the conditions that cage me, influence me, and build me. I will not stop living my dreams, but I will bow down gracefully to a defeat in the duel against life and its restrictions.

Hey, did you know that I just self-published my first poetry book last November? It sold decently, though I was personally dissatisfied with many things. My lay-out was a bit too tacky, my business plan nonexistent, my sales a bit ughh. Good thing it was a small project; the loses aren’t that great. I was even surprised with the demand. I only had an initial print run of 20 copies; but requests from both my family and my acquaintances compelled me to release an extra 50 more. I think. I do not have track of the sales, but I was certain it was around 30-50. Decent enough for a poetry book in a city without a collective reading culture.

From the mistakes of my first publication will emerge the wisdom of another. It has been just two months since then; I took a rest, refreshed my mind, and faced the reality of my situation. I need to find odd jobs to ensure I have pocket money for emergencies. But that need should not stop my legacy to my own province. I must continue to write.

I am to append some of my early works in this blog, as well as others that do not belong to the direction of writing which I seek to be renowned. In lieu of my self-directed scholarly pursuits, I will be focused to writing poetry on technological, geopolitical, phenomenological, existential, ethical, and ethical themes. Mostly technological. Successful attempts to write poetry that satisfy this so will be released on another blog. If I were indeed successful, I will let you know.

This blog is one of those I will never regret. It would be sad if I were to abandon this, even after a stagnant year. So, let’s look forward to another productive and poetic life ahead. Cheers.


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