Drinking with my laptop screen

Cheers to you my loyal servant

On this night we call ours

for the parks outside are shouting

with fireworks and trashy concert music

you and I are proud to get away from.

Let them celebrate our silent communion;

I with these cheap canned beers,

You will the juice of my nearly

unpayable electric bill.

Remind me to get this dream over with.

Remind me to settle my debt with my cousin

and ask money from the pension of my grandparents.

Remind me to remind them that together we

will finally work out our best masterpiece yet,

sharpened from the million words

my fingers dug in your

miraculously enduring keyboard.

Remind me of the good times

when stories didn’t make me remember

my grumbling stomach

and my worn shoes because they weren’t.

Remind me of my sacrifices, will you?

My friends, my lovers, my one-night stands?

And do the reminiscing for me

for I do not wish to wake up

from the hangover


finally. Poem No. 7 for this week’s poetry theme, “writing summer.” Must. Read. More. Books. You must read more of my poetry too. Just kidding, but if you liked it, why not? hehehehe


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