Tonight a tragedy

Tonight I sit with my dog underneath the murky skies.Together with my beerand his empty stomachwe look at the tragedyof the heavensfor it failed to hold onto the lightsthat kept memoriesthe sailors once mappedas they chartedthe unlit seas before them.Well for me what is chartedin the memories of my fingersis the dusty fur of my […]

Coffee Cups

Once I sought the bitter coffee cupthe baristassell at breakfastwhere my eyes are reflectedin the warm blacknesslike a bitter soul.Once I’ve taken inthe megabytes of my surroundingsI close my eyesand looked into the voidas it fills my tonguewith warmth and life.Is it the same as thisinstant dose of caffeine,prepared and manufacturedby the crafted machinesof the […]

I ate crackers for dinner

When I chew the muscles of cooked pigsI imagine them in locked cageschewing the grubto please the hungerthey only knew,their lives cold, meaningless, senseless, as the sterile blade thatlashes their throats. Perhaps in this hunger I cannot pleasea cracker will do wellfor the pigs–wheat grownfrom the solemn soiland salt filteredfrom the shallow sea. With this […]