On kaleidoscope sparks of defiance

Rebellion is the scar I crave in my writing. But it is a scar I lash on myself and my promises as well.

This was originally a project to publish 365 poems, a poem a day, based on twisting what was expected on the Daily Prompts. But it didn’t happen every day and the fury didn’t always come. It is fine I suppose, since expectations are something I shove in the ass of the gods both human and divine. And at least now, the trajectory of my blog is settling on its true colors and I am confident of what I want to say what it is about.

This is my small and simple and personal poetry corner on the World Wide Web, on the large repository of WordPress-hosted content. You most likely saw me on the first links of pingbacks in Daily Prompts. Others will do so as well.

But I don’t get to do it every time. Sometimes I showcase my own poetry, and when I am busy, I rely on the trustworthy format of the haiku and tanka to keep you entertained everyday. Or maybe not. It depends; I am still getting the hang of being consistent and productive and dedicated.

Surely this isn’t the only place you read online. But if you find it a place worth liking and appreciating, why not follow? Why not like a catchy poem? Why not comment on a piece you find thought-provoking? I don’t comment a lot, but I do look forward to them.



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