Once when I stole the streetlight

Once I enjoyed the world
the way everyone does–
out in the open sea
of nostalgia and laughter
of camaraderie and gossip.
But at night it kept the way home foggy.
It was a one-way street
with a single streetlight
built before my birth.
My home is out there,
hidden in steep curves
and hills.
It is waiting to be filled
with a bed, a chair,
a table, shelves, books,
and photographs of the outside world.
I cannot return
for my feet does not remember.
It chose to sleep
with a sack beside that streetlight
and wait for the mist to fade.
But it only fades in daylight,
and in daylight I must.
Enjoy it the way they do.


But one night, I climbed the streetlight.
I stole the lantern of the way.
I will never find the way back in daylight
for with this light I chose to go back home.

Poem No. 3 for this week’s poetry theme, “on summer I toil, on summer, I dream.”


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