when love appeared in a yellow brick road

Two roads diverged in a yellow brick road
But only one had a sign
It had a neon painting of warmth and happiness.
It was your body, your face.

But your road wasn’t bricked.
It was trodden, yes, but trodden fresh
And it went downhill.
         (Perhaps to the sea? Or a cave I cannot see?)

I etched your location in my crumpled map,
And went on my way to meet
The city that glistened green
And the wizard of my lifelong dream.

He only gave me my dream.

I looked at my map and thought of coming
But there were too many strangers
on the yellow brick road.

for this prompt, an old poem I wrote. I feel like a teen full of raging hormones. I currently crave writing love poems about love and crushes and what could be. It is likely a phase, it will pass away soon. hope you enjoy.


5 thoughts on “when love appeared in a yellow brick road

  1. haha.. interesting for parsing, but i make it that it was a love interest left to look elsewhere, then when ready, he/she had others already… ok, ok, that is what i made of it

    • You’re close, but not quite. it was about someone who chose to go with the love of her dreams (I imagined the persona to be her) instead a chance of love she met momentarily across the road. But she only found her dream instead of her love, and she already met too many people to look back on that road. You missed out on the dream part.

      But hey, people read poems differently. Glad you found it interesting I suppose. hehehehe

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