You Never Called

Oh, hello, hi there
How are you today
I wanted to talk to you
I do every night
To see just a HELLO or a OKAY
Or a question, yes
A question would be nice
If it flashed on my screen
Or if it triggered the ringtone
Rusted from un-use.

I wonder what you are doing
Out there, far away,
As always, far away
Like all the others I used to talk to
A long time ago
When their voices
Marked quirks on their keys
And triggered the ringtone
Before it rusted from un-use.

I have so many dreams I wish to share
So many hopes I pray would not break
I know you have them too
Stories of your new friends
Lovers, enemies, adventures
I’d love to hear them too
To read them on my screen.
But long ago my phone became cold
Never was it that bridged you to me
But now and soon a block of chips
Whose ringtone is rusted from un-use.

For this ebook prompt:

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

Like all the other kids, I once treated my phone as a gateway to maintaining friends and finding new ones. But now, it is only a block of chips and plastic I keep for myself for emergency situations. If it weren’t for my ruined watch I could do away with it. I could always do away with it, but the possibility of being connected is more comfortable than none.


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