Rhythm of the Writer Dreaming Daily

                  This unknown world I pen in a page

Of words that go beyond the boundaries

Of my infrequent travels

Of acts that dance with the routines

Of rubber-scratched streets

Of hums that trace the humid air

Of the nomad breeze

Of houses and rooms so full

Of eyes that gazed through myriad seas

Of smoke that scratch my lungs

Of the machines and factories beyond

Of songs that blast from the store

Of saccharine words prepackaged

Of light flooding the dark bedroom

Of news stories in gore and delight

Of thoughts flickering through my fingers

Of people I wish to read

          Of dreams I wish to reach

                     Of worlds I wish to raise

For this ebook prompt:

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

I instead chose to focus on the experience of reaching out to the world through the actions a person, an aspiring writer does, everyday in his/her own locality.


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