Friends of an antisocial nature

Why don’t you hang out with people?

Come on, join us! Seat here, beside me!

Would you accept me, my ideas, my being?

Oh how I am bored with today’s class!

I just want to sit in a corner, read a book.
Would I be comfortable.

You have unruly hair, weirdo.

You know, I have this friend, he invited me too for lunch

Why doesn’t anyone talk about ideas?

Such a loner. Must be a pity not to have friends.

Wait, we have exams later? I’m not prepared; help me study!

If only I could quit school. If only I could cut class.
But it is a difficult road to take.

Okay, let me repeat. So this guy did this and that guy did that,
They both did each other this and happy ending?
Is it a happy ending?

He has a peculiar way of socializing.

I try to be interested in what other people say.

But this is what makes me happy.

Help me with the exams later, okay?

I couldn’t be proud of what I like.

I couldn’t share what I like.

It is hard to live with what I like.

Oh, high scores again. Don’t remind me. You again.

He must be very studious. Academics must be his life.

Yes, yes, you are the smart one. We get it.

I talked to him once. He sure is a boring person.

Hey, can you explain to me this concept?

Hey, do you have a copy of the reading we would be taking this afternoon?

I am not a threat.

I am willing to help.

Why are you intimidated by me?

He doesn’t share a lot of things.

The only ones he talks about are about our classes.

Could you help me with this report I am working on?

If only I could focus on reading.

If only I could focus on writing.

If only I could focus on living.

I don’t get you.

I don’t get it.

I don’t get ALL OF YOU.

For this prompt:

Write a post that includes dialogue between two people — other than you. (For more of a challenge, try three or more people.)

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a GROUP.

Sigh. Groupthink. Conformity. Cooperation. While cooperation I can handle, the presence of groups I can barely. Society feels like an enemy to people like me sometimes. It was when I was a child, and it was so that I grew up accustomed to being in the sidelines. And when I unconsciously try to catch attention, I try to bridge the contradiction between the pressure to conform and the need to be outside all of it.

So I have shared here in this poem the three voices that judged my life thus far, the voices that seem to shape many of my current major decisions.

Back to school tomorrow. Back to the school I am already sick of attending.


One thought on “Friends of an antisocial nature

  1. Hey, this reminds me of me during high school, the me that hated group work back then, the me that also felt like no one would help with group work properly. It took a pretty long while before I broke out of that, though, and about how I broke out of that somewhat antisocial shell…man, I guess it’s a long story.

    Hm…being strange–or even doing the right thing–can feel pretty embarrassing…if we worry so much about pleasing everyone.

    Ah, I pretty much see myself as a counter-cultural person already, too…man, I sure have changed a lot…freaking nuts.

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