Think for yours…

Think for yourself before subscribing to other people’s ideologies, before following various hegemonies.


I am not fond of doing quotes, or leaning on to the wisdom spoken on by others. It feels like you are hypnotized by the voice of another, who may not mean the quote the way you wish it to mean. And besides, why embrace the quotations of others when you can make your own?

Here is the wisdom I embraced myself. Up until now I found myself unwilling to remove the post-it that it called home. And it came to me when I thought about the various ideas that are contending to hold on to us, to trap us as trophies. Consider it as my active resistance against trends, such that when I embrace something, it is not because I am swayed by it, but because I find that it enriches my experience of life. Think of it like literature. Am I a cultural idiot if you ever find me reading Science Fiction or Harlequin Romances? So what if I find these genres to be enriching in my life, right? And it doesn’t mean that literary winners are always readable. Sometimes they are just too tedious to read.

So this wisdom of mine has something to do with choosing not because of what some body, be it institution or person, declares about it, but because I find that ‘something’ to be useful to my experience of life. At least in this way, I find myself free to dip in and out of cultural trends without being swept by the tsunami of consumerism.

For the January 4 Prompt:

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

By the way, I don’t read Harlequin Romances. But it just feels so horrible to instantly judge a person according to the music he/she listens to or to the books he/she reads, and it is awful even for me and for others if I am judged just because of that instance of reading the book. Sure it gives you an idea about the person, but you’ll never really know until you get to talk with that person. Then you’ll know.

And also, I hate people who read literary works just because of their “literary”/”canon” status. Hell, I read classic and contemporary literature because of their wisdom and craftsmanship, but never for that label. I may read something because they are winners, or obsessively cited too. But despite my pickiness, I don’t really judge negatively against the people who read popular works. As I see it, having more readers is always better.

Why not share your insight too? Comment below ‘kay? Thanks!!!


3 thoughts on “Think for yours…

      • Fantasy and supernatural genres. Right now, I’m currently in the middle of the second volume of Lord of the Rings. As for Harry Potter, I’ve finished it already months ago. I haven’t seen a lot of interesting Western novels that I would consider to be freaking likable enough for me lately, too.

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