5: The Sorcerer’s Quest, The Sorcerer’s Test

That which I do not know I have placed my faith upon,

In sigils of light I flick every sunshine with my fingers.

The essences that give life to my dreamscape,

Spread themselves in enchanted lines,

Flashing, surprising the spectators,

Who long knew of such but in their quest keep on looking.

Of how much of faith and discipline I barely know,

To tame the sparks that rushed through my veins,

Will their lives released be like

The monsters that shall consume me,

Or the butterflies that guide me across the Elysian Fields?


Perhaps the moment I set them free,

Was the moment I grabbed its reins,

Hoping to make it my steed

Not of my loins, nor of my passions,

But of my soul and my spirit

As I traverse through treacherous Time,

Whose end I shall not know but witness

Whose treasures I shall bear

With this I put my faith upon.

Today’s Daily Prompt reads:

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NEW.

In case you were wondering, this poem is about this blog. Yes, I may have been an aspiring blogger before, but to be this consistent, to engage myself in such a routine task, is not in my nature nor in my element. To gain such views, comments, audiences, no matter how few, is a new experience for me. I never even dared write a poem or anything creative everyday until now.

I have long been an impulsive person. Cautious yes but impulsive. I am easily swept away by my desire to be pleased, to enjoy life such that when it began to be a bit easier for me, the challenges of writing and reading slowly faded behind the light of  Facebook walls and game graphics.

I do hope the treasures at the end of this tunnel are those I can bear with the skills I learned along the way. But such I do not know but can only witness when Time sets its end.

The Title of the prompt is beautiful btw.

Today’s image citation comes from the Tarot deck of A.E. Waite, as copied from Auticulture. Image citation here.


One thought on “5: The Sorcerer’s Quest, The Sorcerer’s Test

  1. If writing is a new thing for you right now, then what’s new to me right now is composing music. I just made a little piece of electronic music recently using PXTone (it’s freeware, too), even though I’m not that good at using musical instruments. That first piece of music that I composed…I think it’s funky, but I think there’s still room for improvement for it, though.

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