4: When God told me the truth

The world is a lie.

My friends are a lie.

My family is a lie.

So I slept with my trusty penknife beside me

And reveled in the truth of my dreams.

Within my journey I saw with my soul

The eyes, the body, the light of God,

Whose beauty washed over me,

In rays of comforting sunshine.

As all my pains are swept away,

I braved myself to ask him:

“Tell me the truth.”

And in front of me he replayed

The accident of my birth;

A forgotten routine of the pills

That left my mother to cry

And my father to drink

And my entire life not seeing them

Suffer just for me to get a good education.

He also played to me the whispers

Of my friends that roamed behind my back:

My irrelevant, self-centered comments,

My unnecessary suspicion,

The way I acted upon the world like it revolves around me.

In then in many tongues he opened to me

The tome which I call “life,”

Facing its letters I have to crumble down,

Shattered by this “lie”.

That which I believed, but which I knew

Or tried to know,

Or guess as the world have acted beyond my knowledge.

“They always do for everyone, including me.”

God, all-knowing, answered back.

But I refuse the insolence of the truth

And stabbed God in the chest out of anger.

With a smile he blessed me,

Forgiven me,

As I sank into darkness,

And wake up to find my penknife

Draining the truth out of my body.

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRUTH.

For this prompt.

Yes, two prompts, in a night. I am getting ahead of myself and my plans, but I guess I am just here acting in the spirit of this blog, of that competition, and the entire pursuit of acting out for productivity, even when that pursuit causes me to produce content unmonitored in quality. As such, I tag them horrible, whatever they may be: a poem, a sketch, or a story. And I am proud of their horrid execution.

Anyhow, I have long wanted to write a story about the bleeding man, a legend of an enlightened human waking in meditation to see the real face of God, only to kill It and end It’s divinity. The ending doesn’t go well for the enlightened one, for he wakes up and endures immortality bleeding from a chest wound that does not heal. It was for an imagined novel, and this response is a variation of such.

Hope you enjoyed this morbid twist!

Today’s image citation comes from the banner page of this very interesting website, which out of creepy coincidence resonates with the theme and motifs of this prose poem. Why not visit it and be mystified?



18 thoughts on “4: When God told me the truth

  1. Interesting…such an interesting view of light and dark…and if you were to ask me, I think the truth will always reveal itself to you inevitably, so what’s important is how you deal with it.

    Even if you keep on believing that it’s a “lie,” I do hope that you would appreciate the true light someday. 🙂

    • True that, so agree with you. But I do hope you are aware that the poem’s persona is different from its author; unless emphasized as so, it is to be treated as an entity not equivalent to the author.

      Hence, the poem is not a stance on the truths of my life but in particular a play on the problem of what a human person might perceive as truth or lie in social reality. The persona knows that something is being kept from him, which for him is a lie, but when the truth is shown to him, he is infuriated that the truth does not correspond with what he believed is a lie (meaning he was expecting something else, which cause him to stab God in his fury.)

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  3. Hm, thank you very much for the reminder! I remember that being taught to me during one college class of mine. Now that I look at it that way…

    Ah, even if I try to deny the truth, it always shows up suddenly right in front of my face, like the burning heat-haze in “Kagerou Days” or my cats whenever they’re hungry . Now I’m suddenly reminded of the song named “Kagerou Days…” Freaking nuts.

    I really need to get more used to surprises…

    • Welcome. I just looked up on Kagerou Days. A weird song that is, even if I only managed to read the story summary. And I truly understand why you are reminded of that song.

      Hay, the Japanese imagination never fails to astound me…

      • The Kagerou Project is my top favorite story series among my favorite story series, too, you know! It’s pretty complicated to explain, though, but I do know of some guides that may help out there…if you’re interested, though.

        Well, this is getting fun! 🙂 Freaking nuts!

      • Why don’t you link a few of them if you are willing? i could be an otaku, but I am very picky with my selections. As of now I am only currently looking forward to Season 2 of Shingeki no Kyojin and Psycho-Pass (since Liar Game in on a perpetual hiatus).

        However, stories such as those you shared, those weird ones, catch my attention very fast. Why don’t you suggest me some weird stuff I could look on to in my free time? Thanks!

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