Trust and other ramblings: 2013, 2014

“Choose the journey you wish to take; soon enough, you’ll meet the people who will join you along the way.”

This year has been very eventful for me. It began with me breaking down on my birthday. I got to live for a few months in Manila, after which I tried for a new chance at life and graduation here in a local university. I learned a lot of things, but the challenges are just about to start next year. I’d be finishing my thesis; and I am going to take my writing seriously. And while all of those are happening, I would duel with the demons in my head and decide whether to vanquish or ally with them. I have tried to live a normal, routine life, but that could never happen, for a part of me sought the wonder and challenges I used to face as a kid. And every time I remember all those mistakes that brought upon my ruin, my mind goes haywire; a shot of pain strikes through my head, and all sense of rational judgment fails.

It’s tough. But I have faith in myself. Or at least, I am beginning to.

365 days of defiance is a blogging venture that exists for a single purpose alone: to put a twist on WordPress prompts. A simple concept it is, but one that has great promise; thanks to WordPress releasing their entire catalogue of Daily Prompts, not only do I get to prepare in advance, but I also got upon a chance to create an audience. It is a great feat, knowing that I have been a personal blogger since high school, and all those blog addresses are as of now are left hanging, unvisited. And it is, now that I realize, for a good cause.

It is a blog that I also made to check up on my productivity. While I was aspiring to furnish my craft months ago, I had a problem of putting all my promises into action. As of then I was pushing my non-gaming laptop (sadly) to run Skyrim and Street Fighter. Because writing wasn’t the blissful activity it was in my high school days, getting myself to focus on the craft was challenging, if not a downright failure. I kept on looking forward to my games; and I get to kill an entire weekend wandering across their worlds. All my ebooks are wasted on my storage. All my lecture videos left untouched as of then.

But thanks to this blog, I now manage to look forward to writing. Reading still feels like a chore; but I now get to finish a book every now and then. And I do hope that given my awareness of how the Internet works, I would be able to use it better. And that is: I don’t wait for an audience; I have to find them and address them. It could also be a rule in a productive artist’s life, but since I am not productive, I haven’t been aware of it.

So there is not much to expect here except my haunting presence in the list of pingbacks of WordPress, and maybe an answer every now and then in the community’s Weekly Challenges (although that I cannot promise). Most of my responses would be prepared in advance, hours if I am free, days if I am not. Which might mean I might not get to be first in the list (an advantage I hope I could make consistent).

Anyhow, I would really like to thank all those who found entertainment in my posts and who found me worthy enough to be followed. You really make this game worthwhile. And I hope that by tomorrow, I could formally begin the challenge of answering every single prompt in the book, and I am glad you are here with me for the ride.

Any other plans then? That I cannot be sure; as I said, real life is going to tax me out of my time. But if the opportunity arises, I would engage myself with writing feature pieces about my hometown, hopefully manage to know the place I live in, improve my writing. I do also hope that I’d get a digital audio recorder, but I should probably remind myself not to rely on it. (A demon inside me paraphrases that bitchy NPC line from Skyrim: “Amazing that you can’t get a digital recorder, in this rathole of a city!” LOL). And probably train myself to love research, become a full-time geerd (geek-nerd). Begin writing fantasy fiction if the chances are in my favor. And if chances are in my favor, I’d tell you about it.

But I guess that’s it. Thank you for reading, and I hope that you can join me for the entertainment this blog shall accomplish the entire year. Starting Tomorrow.

Happy New Year!!!!!!


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