Within these bloody walls

rests a child sleeping

whose dreams keep him

safe from the terror

the pumping and throbbing of his world

may bring him.

It is his lullaby; he does not know this.

Nor he doesn’t know how unreal

His reality could be.

That I could not decipher

For I stand here outside

My sword in hand, my shotgun in another

driving away the many monsters

Of many other labyrinthine worlds.

Forever awake I hunt across the glades

Of rooms, valleys, cities, and cemeteries,

I shift to my liking to subdue

                                    The screaming and crying

That stand in my way.

And in the chance that I rest

I drag in the window meat and carcass

Of both human and non-human

                                                And like a parent

            No, like a hero,

I save the day, the dreaming,

                                                                                                And I nurture

            No, I train

The walls to be stronger

The throbbing to be harder

The pumping to be faster

To save the child asleep in his cage.

I take in his familiar face

Unfamiliar now by his shriveling skin.

Sometimes I wonder, should I wake him up?

Should I feed him the loot the cage is eating?

But I brandish the sword and turn on the sun

Forgetting the fear of dreaming

And seeing the child helplessly living.

Featured Image from Usotsuki of Deviantart, no copyright infringement intended. His profile page can be found here. (To Usotsuki, I hope you don’t mind. hehehehe)

For this prompt. The way this is related to the “Great Idea” isn’t that obvious, since this is a “twisting” of the prompt. Let’s just say it makes it negative: the persona tried to solve a problem; the solution seem to have worked for him, but it’s eating him alive.


19 thoughts on “Hikkikomori

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  9. Hmm…this reminds me of Shintaro Kisaragi (a Kagerou Project character), and the times when I thought being a shut-in was a great solution. And then after all those dark times, I realized that there were great and interesting things outside, too!

    • Yeah, like books and places! People, not so much… hehehe. I’m glad you got to get over your hikkikomori trance. Besides, there is really nothing bad with being a recluse; only that when it becomes your reality and it impairs you somehow that it becomes a real problem.

      • Well, I like staying in a room by myself to do things like writing stuff for my blog, but when I need to go out and socialize with people, I try my best to adapt and interact! I do think I can gather inspiration from people and social interactions, too! 🙂

      • Nice. It’s so nice to talk to someone so enthusiastic to make friends with other people. I do not mean to sound like I am mocking you, because when I imagine this in my head I feel like I am (this because I’d always crave an opportunity in the world to be unsociable; but I am cursed with niceness and approachability, hahahahah).

        The enthusiasm is really nice, trust me, particularly if you are interest in writing about other people, which can be helpful when you are into fiction writing, which upon viewing your blog I believe you do.

        You have an amazing style of writing personal stories which I so envy, by the way. Just a side question: are you a filipino, or have a filipino blood?

      • I’m Filipino, yeah. If you think I’m like this because of a Filipino, well, I would like to say that it’s not in the blood. I think happiness is a choice that comes from within. Anyway, thank you very much for the appreciation! Oh, and if you want to better in writing, I suggest that you do your best and have fun with it! “Do your best and have fun!” That’s part of my motto, you know! 🙂

      • I didn’t say it because you are a Filipino; Filipinos are sociable after all. i only said it because I am a Filipino myself, from down south in Bicol. And after seeing a thumbnail of your video I just had to ask.

        In the Philippines or outside?

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