Billion Gold Coins


Million coins of lustre break through the mask of the hills,

Floating above rivers of mud, oil, and metal,

It blinds the child lost in his way, with nothing

But smoke in his stomach and soul.

Only the coins can fill it with the warmth

That taunts him before the glass where a family

Munch down their dreams–

The cokes and spaghettis of bliss,

Which he no longer knew of taste.

A black hole he was in this universe,

But that which the bodies of space

Knew how to avoid.

Traces of his raspy voice break through

The static of chatter and laughter

Begging for coins to fill the eternity that

Eats him through.

Only three land in his palm: One, Five, Ten.

He holds their cold bodies in his two bony palms

Hoping for the same warmth as the

Coins that blind him

From afar.

But eternity rips out of his soul

And runs amok across the hills.

It feeds through the universe,

It pulls upon its galaxies,

It drags them to shelters,

That the child will never see.

But don’t worry, he is never lost,

For he shall be forever be fed

By the billion gold coins

Scattered in places

We forgot to see.

Written in advance for this prompt.


12 thoughts on “Billion Gold Coins

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