The Horrible First Post of Every Blog

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon this nifty ebook released by the WordPress team. Imagine, 365 prompts, 365 posts for your productive personal blog. So an idea pops into mind; why not built a blog based merely on answering prompts?

A lazy concept isn’t it? But I have been an aspiring blogger for years, and most of my blogs, without any sense of direction, organization, or audience, lost its juice among the sleeping links of the WordPress database. After registering many websites that went into ashes unmaintained, I decided to do it again, hoping I’ll get this right. I am really hoping I could get my productivity up and working again, set up an online portfolio to prove to future employers that I am a smart, creative, and productive individual who could be challenged to write anything. Not really anything yet, but you’ll never know.

So there. Instead of being ambitious about my concepts, I just decided to go for what is manageable, what can be done given my current resources. I am currently setting up a number of blogs in order to accomodate the works that are to be part of my online portfolio. And while that is still far from happening, I believe I could work on this first.

This is pretty much it: a blog that aims to answer all 365 writing prompts… with a twist, and with a mix of other prompts from the Daily Posts of WordPress, and some personal shit, if I feel like it.

Blogs are still a mess in their infancy. So I set a milestone to myself: after 30 successfully twisted prompts, I’ll redo the theme and lay-out.

I’ll reach that number. I assure you.


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